Central Asian Geoportal of Tajikistan

Geological map 1:500 000

In 1974, the Tajikistan general office of Geology Published the geology map of Tajikistan that was prepared by Tajik geologists on the Scale 1:500 000.

This map that has a great implication in different projects, was digitized in July 2006
with contribution of NGDIR (National Geoscience Database of Iran) and NCDTJ (National Geoscience Database of Tajikistan).

Digitized map has the UTM projection system, zone 42 and the ellipsoid WGS 1984.

Data layer of the map include geology, major and minor faults, major and minor roads topography, active and abandoned mines and mineral indications.

As the first step for building the NSDI of Tajikistan, the presented map provides users with interactive GIS tools for data analysis and distinction among spatial features on the web.

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